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Here at CountrySide Vets, our kitten veterinarians have helped many breeds of kittens live a long happy life into their senior cat years. We have been providing kitten checkups throughout Appleton and the Fox Valley since 1981. Our veterinarians recommend getting your kitten have a physical examination and any necessary kitten vaccinations during the first 6-8 weeks of their life. The sooner your cat becomes acquainted with our kitten vets, the easier vets visits are in the future for your feline. After your kitten develops and gets the necessary shots, our veterinary assistants will help you setup an appointment to get your cat neutered or spayed. If you have questions or concerns about getting your kitten neutered, our cat vets will be here to go over any questions you may have. In fact, getting your kitten neutered has many health benefits including a decreased chance of breast tumors or cystic ovaries, less chance of your cat wanting to roam, and helps prevent uterine infections. In addition to cat neutering or spaying, we have many other kitten care services that we offer to ensure the safety of your pet.

Veterinary Kitten Care Services
  • Kitten Checkups / Physical Examinations
  • Kitten Microchipping
  • Kitten Vaccinations
  • Kitten Neutering
  • Kitten Wellness Programs
  • Kitten Preventive Medications

kitten vets

kitten veterinarians

Kitten Veterinarians

The kitten care services that our kitten vets provide your feline, helps prevent future health risks and complications that your kitten can endure as they reach their senior cat years. In fact, our cat veterinarians have years of experience in the prevention and treatment of cat health issues such as diabetes, heart diseases, hyperthyroidism, and cancer. To prevent health issues and to ensure your kitten stays healthy, we recommend bringing in your cat annually for a kitten checkup. As a reminder, cats age significantly faster than we do as humans; therefore, it is important to understand the health of your cat and what age they are when converting to human years. The sooner we can detect any health-related issues that your kitten may have, the better your kitten's health will be as he or she ages.

When it comes to quality veterinary kitten care and cat care, we are a veterinary clinic you can trust. Our pet wellness programs and home delivery program set us apart from other veterinary clinics. Our kitten vets and cat vets truly care about the health of your kitten, as we treat your pet like family. When you call our office for veterinary kitten care services, you will be greeted by our friendly veterinarian assistants or technicians. They will schedule you the proper kitten microchipping, kitten vaccinations or kitten neutering appointment that your feline needs. If you have questions or concerns about your kitten, contact us today at 920-968-3322, we will be happy to help you.

Countryside Veterinarians

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At Countryside, our team of licensed Appleton vetsand technicians, assistants and customer service staff are committed to ensuring you and your pet will be treated professionally and with compassion and care. After all, we too are pet owners and understand the deep human-animal bond you have with your best friend. Throughout your pet's stay with us you will be kept up-to-date on your pet's status, diagnosis and treatment. We promise to care for your pet as we would care for our own!

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    My wife and I have been taking our dog to Countryside Vets for about three years now. We had an unfortunate encounter with our previous veterinarian but switching to Countryside Vets years ago has been the best decision! She has always been treated well at Countryside and Dr. Popp has always been more than friendly! Thank you!
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