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Cow and Horse Care

Since 1981, our livestock vets have been helping local farmers with their livestock care for animals such as cows and horses throughout Appleton and the Fox Valley. Our team of professional livestock veterinarians can stop out at your farm to provide a well-being checkup on your cows or horses. The veterinarians at CountrySide can also offer suggestions on the proper feed and supplements for certain livestock health conditions. If your cow or horse recently gave birth they can ensure your livestock is recovering appropriately and receiving the proper medical attention. Our veterinarians can ensure your cows and horses are receiving the proper care for all life stages through routine physical examinations. Contact us today if you need cow care or horse care or just a routine checkup.

Countryside Veterinarians

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At Countryside, our team of licensed Appleton vets and technicians, assistants and customer service staff are committed to ensuring you and your pet will be treated professionally and with compassion and care. After all, we too are pet owners and understand the deep human-animal bond you have with your best friend. Throughout your pet's stay with us you will be kept up-to-date on your pet's status, diagnosis and treatment. We promise to care for your pet as we would care for our own!


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    My wife and I have been taking our dog to Countryside Vets for about three years now. We had an unfortunate encounter with our previous veterinarian but switching to Countryside Vets years ago has been the best decision! She has always been treated well at Countryside and Dr. Popp has always been more than friendly! Thank you!
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