Cat & Kitten Vaccinations

Here at CountrySide Vets, we emphasize quality animal healthcare. In fact, our motto is we treat your pet like family when your dog or cat comes in for a visit. Our dedicated team of veterinarians and certified veterinary assistants have more than 30 years of experience caring for animals. To keep your pet healthy and to prevent illnesses, we recommend coming to CountrySide to get your cat vaccinations, immunizations, and parasite prevention programs. Our cat vets tailor the immunization plan to your cat and what he or she needs.

Why Does My Cat Need To Be Vaccinated?

Cat and kitten vaccinations help fight infectious diseases that could potentially harm your cat. In fact, without some immunizations your cat could become seriously ill and not be able to fight off the disease. Even if your cat is an indoor cat, it is important to prepare for different scenarios where your cat be exposed to other animals who are infected. To ensure your kitten or cat does not get sick, we recommend getting the proper vaccinations that match your cat's lifestyle. There are many benefits to getting your kitten vaccinated as most kittens have very mild symptoms initally from the vaccinations.

Cat Vaccinations

When Should I Get My Kitten Vaccinated?

The vets at CountrySide recommend that your kitten or cat receive their vaccinations at the correct ages and times. Cat vaccinations prevent your feline from catching a virus or disease. Kittens should start receiving their vaccinations at 8 weeks. Then at 12-14 weeks, your kitten should receive their second round of cat vaccinations. The second set of vaccinations is the "booster shots," which prevent rabies, immune deficiency, and upper respiratory problems. It does take approximately 14 days for the vaccinations to become completely effective for your cat to be protected against viruses and diseases.

How Often Should I Get My Adult Cat Vaccinated?

The appropriate amount of time to get your cat vaccinated varies on health, environment, medical history, and lifestyle. However, for most adult cats they get revaccinated annually or every three years. Our board-certified vets will go over the proper immunization plan for your feline to ensure they stay healthy and happy.

Feline vaccinations are important because they prevent illnesses from happening in unforeseen circumstances. If your cat were to escape outside and have contact with a stray cat or animal carrying a virus your cat would be protected. In fact, many communities mandate that your cat have the rabies vaccination. To keep your cat healthy and living a long life, we recommend annual physical examinations and staying current with shots. If you have any questions regarding cat vaccinations, contact us today to setup an appointment. We look forward to helping your feline live a long, happy life.


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