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Large Animal Veterinary Services

Bovine Veterinarians

CountrySide has been providing veterinary services to area dairy herds since 1981 and currently serves herds ranging from traditional 40-100 cow dairies to expansion herds exceeding 6000 cows and heifer raising operations. Our veterinarians provide routine reproductive/ultrasound examinations, fresh pen evaluations, individual sick cow evaluations and routine on-farm surgical procedures. Emergency services are provided to established dairy clients. Protocol development, employee training, and consultation services are provided to promote the veterinarian/client bond and improve profitability and efficiency of our client’s operations. Pharmaceuticals can be supplied through our online catalog to established clients with a valid veterinarian/client/patient relationship. Speak with one of our veterinarians to learn more about this progressive service. .

Small Ruminant/Cervidae Services

Countryside provides services to captive Cervidae operations including regulatory disease testing, issuing required certificate of veterinary inspections for transport, and CWD testing. Countryside is excited to announce the expansion of our small ruminant services to our service area with the addition of new associates with small ruminant interests.

Schedule Your Veterinary Services

At Countryside Veterinary Services, we are here to ensure your bovine and small ruminants are receiving the proper care. Call us today at (920) 968-3322  or fill out an appointment form online to schedule an appointment.