CountrySide Veterinary Services and CountrySide Veterinary Health have partnered with Airvet to offer direct communication between you and our team. Airvet is a virtual app that connects you to veterinary care, allowing you take your pet parenting to a whole new level.

Download the app and complete your profile so it is ready when you need it! Airvet Download

  • You will be asked for a form of payment. This is mandatory; however, it does not mean you will be charged. We will only be assessing a fee for after-hours calls (On Demand) and virtual/telemedicine visits.
  • Please add your pets to your profile.
  • Please select CountrySide Veterinary Services of Fox Valley as your primary clinic.
  • You have the option to select your primary veterinarian as well.
  • You will have the capability to send photos or videos through the app.

We will use Airvet in many ways to support you and your pet. Therefore, it is essential that you download the app onto your smartphone so that it is ready to use.

Communication for Surgical Patients

  • To help ensure we have communicated effectively for your pet’s upcoming surgery, we will be using Airvet the day prior to surgery, the day of surgery and the day following surgery.
  • We will ask that you accept the requested appointment through Airvet the day before surgery. During that virtual “appointment”, we will confirm all the surgery details, including your authorization forms.
  • Following your pet’s procedures, we will have the availability to follow up with you on Airvet to update you as to how the procedure went, go through discharge instructions, and set up a time to discharge your pet from the hospital.
  • If you should have any questions throughout the evening following your pet’s procedure, you will be able to communicate with our on-call doctor through Airvet at no charge.
  • The day following your pet’s procedure, we will contact you on Airvet for an update as to how your pet is feeling. If you do not have any concerns, we will close the appointment and we can email you the details of the communications.

After Hour Care (On Demand)

  • We are continuing to offer after-hours calls (On Demand), however, with an added benefit.
  • In the instance that one of our veterinarians is not available at the time of your call, Airvet will route your call to another veterinarian to ensure you get a timelier response.
  • One of our veterinarians can follow up with you as soon as they become available.

Telemedicine Visits

  • We are working on providing the capability to conduct telemedicine visits dependent on the circumstances surrounding your pet’s needs.