CountrySide Veterinary Wellness

CountrySide Veterinary Service is excited to announce the July opening of CountrySide Veterinary Wellness, another location to serve our patients and clients in Appleton. Located on the corner of Ballard Road and County Hwy JJ, we share the Ballard Plaza with CopperRock Coffee, Donaldson’s Cleaner, Postal Express and Luigi’s Pizza. Expected to open in mid-July, CountrySide Veterinary Wellness is designed around the wellness aspect of veterinary medicine. We will continue to emphasize the important of wellness consultations and vaccination programs in a low stress environment.

Surgical and dentistry procedures will be performed at the main location on Edgewood Trail. Patients who require radiographs or special care due to illness will also be seen at our original location.

The CountrySide team strives to improve your appointment scheduling experience at CountrySide. Wellness consultations and vaccine appointments will be scheduled at both locations, however we hope to offer the flexibility to schedule wellness appointments to best accommodate you and your pet’s veterinary wellness.

Wellness consultations, vaccine appointments, and surgical and dental procedures are scheduled by calling (920) 968-3322. Our veterinary team will be rotating through both locations. We are excited to see you at our new location!