Is Your Dog Stressed? Pay Attention to These Signs!

Stress and anxiety can affect your pets as much as it can affect you! In order to keep your pet happy and healthy, learn to identify signs of stress and anxiety in your dog. Every dog has a normal behavior pattern which makes you come to know and love your pet. When looking for signs and symptoms of anxiety and stress in a pet take into account their normal behavior. Some of the following behaviors may be typical for your pet, but a combination of these signs may be caused by stress or anxiety. Common signs can include: cowering, changes in appetite, avoiding eye contact, staring intently at you, flattened ears, abnormal noises including: whimpering, whining or growling, changes in activity levels, pacing, increase in drooling or shedding, and hiding. Monitor your pet for these behaviors. When experiencing multiple of these behaviors without an explanation contact us at Countryside Vets so we can help you figure out what is causing stress for your pet. Stress can have a bad effect on a dog’s health and mind. In order to keep your pet and family safe and healthy contact us at Countryside Vets for any concerns with your pets’ health!