Keeping Your Feline Friend in Good Shape

Just like us humans, our feline companions need plenty of exercise to stay healthy and keep in good shape. Although this isn’t a problem with some cats as they are quite active, other cats may not be so much. If the latter is the case with your feline friend, there are a number of ways to get your kitty motivated to play and run around.

1. Be Sure to Consult Your Vet First

Before introducing a new exercise program for your cat, be sure to talk with your veterinarian first, especially if your cat has health issues. Check with your vet on which activities are safe for your cat.

2. Get Your Cat Moving

If your cat is bored, one great way to keep them interested and active is simply to schedule time in your day to interact with them. Whether you choose toys, balls, or a feather stick, your cat may become perky and will start swatting and pouncing in no time! Here are some other great ways to help get your feline friend moving:

  • Set out paper bags, tissue paper and cardboard boxes in your living room, family room, or wherever the cat enjoys playing, to spark their interest.
  • Play a game of chase with your feline, using a flashlight pointer. Don’t shine the pointer in their eyes!
  • Encourage instinctive feline behaviors like climbing and scratching by purchasing a cat tree, condo or scratching post.
  • Train your cat to learn a few tricks (and reward him or her with a low-calorie treat to encourage further learning!)
  • Buy your kitty a food puzzle. These are designed with treats inside, which your cat must work for to reach.
  • Consider purchasing another cat to keep your cat company and encourage your cat to interact and play more.

3. Provide Healthy and Tasty Meals

Nutrition is a major player in the overall health and happiness of cats. Cats are natural carnivores and need the proper amount of protein in their diets. Providing your cat a diet with high-quality, animal-sourced protein cat food, can help them maintain healthy vitality.

A high-quality adult cat food as they have been specially formulated to contain everything a cat needs. Be sure to give your cat the correct amount, especially when feeding canned diets since it is easy to overfeed. It is easier to prevent a cat from becoming overweight than to try to get them to lose the excess weight. Many owners prefer to feed small meals of moist food once or twice a day and provide dry food in between canned portions. This is fine as long as you ensure that your cat is receiving the proper number of calories and getting enough physical activity.