Lyme & Heartworm Prevention

Lyme & Heartworm PreventionThe season for outdoor fun in the sun is upon us, but so is the season for pesky bugs. With summer approaching, ensure you know how to keep your pet safe from common diseases. Heartworm and Lyme’s Disease are common diseases spread throughout spring, summer and fall. Now is the time to ensure your pet is protected. Countryside Vets is here to help answer questions and protect your pet.

Heartworm is a disease spread by mosquitos. These worms infect the pet’s hearts, lungs and blood vessels. This can cause irrevocable damage to vital organs in your furry family member. If this occurs it can lead to coughing, fatigue, decreased appetite, difficulty breathing, fluid in the abdomen and ultimately heart failure or death. Fortunately for you and your pet there is a happy ending. There are simple tests that Countryside Vets can perform to ensure your pet does not have this disease, and better yet there are simple and effective preventative medications available for your pet’s protection!

An additional pest to keep in mind is the deer tick. This little critter can spread Lyme’s Disease to you and your pet. This is becoming more common in Wisconsin as the tick population is thriving. Ticks commonly reside in tall grassy areas and brushes and can be picked up during walks or even in your backyard. Most ticks are visible to the naked eye, but they vary in size. Deer ticks, which can be extremely difficult to see, can carry Lyme Disease. Check your pets regularly for these parasites. If a tick is spotted on your pet you should make plans to remove it as soon as possible. If it is attached to them you can use rubbing alcohol on the area and very carefully remove with a tweezers or tick removal tool. Please be sure to inspect the removed tick to ensure its head is attached and not left in the skin of your pet. After removal you should continue to monitor your pet for any signs or symptoms of Lyme’s or additional ticks throughout the season. These signs and symptoms can include lethargy, loss of appetite, swollen joints, swollen lymph nodes, and can lead to damage to kidneys and other vital organs. Lyme’s is a preventable and treatable disease when caught early, so help your pet and talk to your veterinarian at Countryside Vets today!