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Cat Examinations

Schedule An Examination For Your Cat

How often should your feline friend get an exam? The veterinarians at CountrySide recommend cat examinations once a year for adult cats, and twice a year for senior cats. Kittens will need more frequent exams, so that you can gain all the needed information for general care, vaccinations, spay and neuter procedures, as well as dietary changes as they mature into an adult cat.

During Your Cat’s Examination

When your cat comes in for a visit, we will take the time to analyze them from nose to tail. In addition, we listen to their heartbeat and breathing. Your veterinarian will inquire about any changes in their recent behavior or physical symptoms. If any recent changes have occurred, we will suggest tips to either appropriately correct their behavior or diagnose a possible ailment. If they have developed a health problem, we will discuss next steps for follow-up exams.

Preventative Tips

Your cat veterinarian will provide best tips for caring for your cat, however, you can take good preventative measures at home, including:

  • Feeding your cat high quality pet food, in appropriate portions depending on breed, size, and age.
  • Periodically checking your cat for parasites like ticks, worms, and fleas.
  • Protecting your cat from harmful diseases by regularly bringing in your furry friend for vaccinations and booster shots.

Kitten Checkups

During your kitten or young cat’s exam, your veterinarian will examine them for illness, discuss needed vaccinations, and check for appropriate weight and development as they grow. We will also recommend a proper time for a spaying or neutering procedure, how to manage and maintain their diet, dental health, exercise, training, how to check for parasites, and encourage good behavior.

Contact our veterinary professionals for expert kitten care, information on vaccinations, questions on spaying and neutering procedures, or any behavioral questions relating to your kitten. Schedule an appointment today! Call to Schedule a Kitten Exam

kitten receiving a vet exam

cat receiving a vet exam

Adult Cat Examinations

Adult cats should see a veterinarian once annually. Schedule a routine checkup to get dietary, dental, medication, and vaccination recommendations from our veterinarians. We take time during the checkup to also look into potential illnesses or behavioral changes. As your feline friend approaches the age of seven or older, we recommend you start bringing them in twice a year for cat care services. Geriatric cats tend to develop diseases like cancer, diabetes, joint or bone disease, liver disease, heart disease, and other pervasive ailments. If you notice them experiencing discomfort or exhibiting changes in behavior, talk with your veterinarian as soon as possible.

As they age, there are several steps you can take to make them more comfortable, (as recommended by your veterinarian), including altering their diet, monitoring their weight and exercise, watching closely for parasites, or making any necessary changes to their environment. Discuss concerns or observations with your veterinarian. Call to Schedule a Cat Exam

Contact CountrySide Veterinary for Cat Examinations

Need to schedule a cat exam? Just give our veterinarians a call today at (920) 968-3322 or fill out an appointment online. Here at CountrySide Veterinary Services, we are equipped with a highly knowledgeable team of veterinary doctors and technicians, a state-of-the-art facility, and advanced technology to examine, diagnose, and treat your feline friend with care. Come meet our team today!

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