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Rehabilitation Services

Canine & Feline Rehabilitation

Countryside Veterinary Services doctor.

Veterinary Rehabilitation is a service provided at our facility for both cats and dogs. This service is provided to, but not limited to, patients for a multitude of reasons including post-operative, injury recover, and pain and mobility management.

Meet our doctor, Sarah Diederich, certified in Veterinary Massage and Rehabilitation Therapy as well as several additional integrative therapies. She will work with our qualified staff to develop a physical exercise and rehabilitation program specific to your pet’s needs to help them regain or retain functionality.

Countryside Veterinary Services doctor.

Our certified technician, Kat has earned her post graduate, state certification in Veterinary Massage and Rehabilitation Therapy (CVMRT). She will help apply functional neurology and her knowledge of anatomy to create an individualized plan specific to your pet’s goals and work with you at each visit to continue to develop their progress plan.

Therapy Options

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The foundation of rehabilitation is physical exercise. We will work to establish and demonstrate a realistic schedule to help your pet increase strength, flexibility, and mobility.

Our physical exercise program will include the development of an at-home exercise program as well as therapeutic exercise sessions to focus on targeted exercises based on your pet’s condition.

Most of our physical exercises require our patients to learn new “tricks”. Our Fear Free Certified staff will utilize positive reinforcement and classic conditioning to give your pet the best chance at being successful.

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Photobiomodulation, also known as “cold laser” or “laser therapy”, involves the use of our Companion Animal laser for targeted, localized treatment sessions.

Laser therapy is proven to have results in reduction of swelling and inflammation, as well as improvement in healing times and pain management.

This targeted treatment is performed within our clinic and often will require frequent visits for most effective management

Manual therapies can include Passive Range of Motion (PROM) and stretching exercises that focus on the neurological benefits of muscle activation. Results of these therapies can include improved range of motion, reduction in muscle tension, and enhancement of joint fluid production.

Massage Therapy techniques are patient specific. Whether it’s managing chronic discomfort in a geriatric patient or assisting a recently post-operative patient, manual massage is a therapy with a wide scope of applications.

Our certified staff perform these treatments in a relaxed clinic setting. They will focus on the connective tissues and muscles to provide pain relief, improve blood circulation, and promote relaxation.

Hydrotherapy is the use of water and its compressive, buoyant benefits within a specific, patient individualized treatment protocol. Here at Countryside Veterinary Health we have an Aqua Paws Underwater Treadmill.

When indicated, the underwater treadmill can provide a safe and low-impact modality to reduce muscle tension, improve circulation, improve range of motion, and build strength.

Treatment schedules will depend on your pet’s condition.

Reasons underwater treadmill may NOT be right for your pet:

  • Cardiac condition
  • Chronic skin infection
  • Respiratory condition
  • Diarrhea
  • High Anxiety
  • Incontinence
  • Current/recent chemotherapy treatment

Our team! Our hydrotherapy treatment is operated by a certified veterinary technician with training on hydrotherapy and its indications. She also trained in rehabilitation and massage allowing her to ensure that each visit we are safely achieving our common goals.

Cryotherapy involves the use of cold packs to maximize the benefits of blood vessel constriction including acute analgesia and rebound vasodilation to improve swelling. This treatment will be demonstrated and client-led to continue treatment as directed at home.

Heat therapy can be performed in many different ways including the use of heat mats, heat blankets, warm discs, etc. Its benefits include muscle tension relief and improved pliability; this can be utilized often before manual massage or other manual therapies.

Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy

Medical Acupuncture

Supplemental support

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Ready To Schedule? Here’s How To Get Started:

Your consultation with Dr. Sarah Diederich and her staff will involve a comprehensive musculoskeletal assessment, gait analysis, pain assessment, and the development of a tailored treatment plan.

Schedule a consultation by contacting our dedicated appointment coordinating staff. You can reach out by phone at 920-968-3322 or by email at [email protected].

Your pet needs to be up to date on core vaccinations and has been evaluated by your primary veterinarian within the last 6 months. Please have records from your regular veterinarian, surgeon, or veterinary specialist submitted for review prior to your scheduled visit.

Submit a Rehabilitation Questionnaire to your rehabilitation care team.