vet preforming cat microchipping

Cat Microchipping

Many cat owners wonder if cat microchipping is necessary for their pets, and if it’s worth the expense. Here at CountrySide, we can help you take the right steps to ensure your cat has the proper means of identification in the event that they unexpectedly go missing.

Cat microchips and tracking chip devices have more benefits than some cat owners realize. In fact, statistics reveal that one in three pets will go missing in their lifetime, and that ten million pets are lost annually. Unfortunately, it is estimated that up to ninety percent of these pets will never be reunited with their owners. However, according to the American Humane Association, the return-to-owner rate for microchipped cats is over 38% in comparison to 2% of non-microchipped cats.

Benefits of Cat Microchipping

Cat microchips are small, and approximately the size of a grain of rice. The implants do not transmit continuous signals, but passive radio frequency. Cat microchipping stores very useful information such as cat breed, name and description, vaccination schedule, owner, and veterinarian contact information. If your cat were to go missing, it can only be scanned by an animal shelter or veterinary clinic. Cat microchipping is an effective way to bring home your lost or stolen pet.

Additionally, a microchip for cats is different in comparison to GPS microchips. GPS microchips are worn externally on your cat’s collar, and function through battery. These do give the exact location of the cat, however they can be removed purposely, which could it make it difficult to find your lost or stolen pet. Also, you cat could be too small for the GPS microchip.

Cat Microchip Implants

Often, we find that cat owners are reluctant to pursue cat microchipping services. Cat microchipping is not lengthy or anymore involved than a cat vaccination. The microchip ID that we offer comes inside a syringe with a slightly bigger needle. However, with a veterinarian or certified veterinary technician, the side effects of cat microchipping are rare and very minimal. The cat microchip will be placed under your cat’s skin and is relatively painless. We always ensure that your cat microchipping is completed carefully and professionally to ensure the safety of your beloved cat.

The vets here at CountrySide, recommend giving your cat a more universal microchip that can be scanned easily by animal shelters and other veterinary clinics. If your cat or kitten goes missing, you can reach out to your microchipping provider to inform them, and they will alert the animal shelters and clinics in your area.

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