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Cat Veterinary Services

Since our beginnings in 1981, our cat veterinary clinic has been committed to the well-being of cats in Appleton, WI and the Fox Valley community. Our professional and compassionate team of veterinarians, technicians, assistants, and receptionists are here to provide high-quality veterinarian care for both adult cats and kittens alike.

During the first 6-8 weeks of your kitten’s life, we recommend getting your kitten an exam as well as any necessary vaccinations. We can also offer cat care tips for beginners with their first kitten or cat.

The earlier the better, so that the kitten can become acquainted with our veterinarians. This allows for a smoother process for future visits. During your cat’s younger years, we can also discuss the pros and cons of spaying or neutering your kitten and what the appropriate age is.

Our Cat Veterinary Services

What our are cat veterinary services? From physical examinations to cat vaccinations, our veterinary team is here to provide your cat with exceptional, compassionate care. Please see our detailed list of feline health services below:

Cat Health

Our veterinarians recommend you bring in your cat yearly to ensure they stay healthy and happy. When you come in for your cat’s appointment, we will check to make sure your cat is doing well. We will examine your cat’s coat, eyes, teeth, gums, and ears. In addition, we’ll also check with you to ensure that there has been no change in their litter box habits, appetite, and energy. Typically, your cat will be quite playful, even into their older years. Watch for any signs of lethargy.

In addition, if you have questions or concerns relating to your pet’s health, be sure to get in touch with our veterinary team right away. Watch for signs of:

  • Changes in appetite
  • Behavioral changes
  • Constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, or urination problems
  • Hair loss, itching
  • Lethargy
  • Lumps, bumps, scabs
  • Sneezing
  • Nasal or eye discharge
  • Weight loss

If any of these symptoms in your cat persist, be sure to call our team as soon as possible. We are here to answer your questions and provide prompt service to diagnose your feline friend.

Cat Veterinarians in Appleton, WI

Our staff serve clients and their cats in Appleton, WI and throughout the Fox Valley area. We are proud to provide excellent medical care at both of our locations; CountrySide Veterinary Services (Edgewood Drive), and CountrySide Veterinary Health (Evergreen Drive). In addition to providing care for cats, we also serve dogs and livestock.

At CountrySide Vets, we choose our cat veterinarians based upon their education, professional experience, and their compassion for animals. Please call our team at (920) 968-3322 to schedule an appointment.

About CountrySide Veterinary Services

Ever since we opened in 1981, our team of veterinarians have put cat care first. We are a large team of friendly veterinarians, technicians, assistants, and receptionists with professional experience. It is our goal to provide progressive wellness, medical, and surgical care for your pets.

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