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Dog Examinations

Schedule An Examination For Your Dog

How often should your canine friend get an exam? Give the CountrySide Veterinary Services team a call today and we can schedule your dog or puppy’s first appointment. At the exam, we will meet with you and your dog to give you the best recommendations based on your dog’s needs. Whether your pooch is three weeks old, twelve weeks old, one year old, or ten years old, our skilled veterinarian team will provide regular dog examinations based on the size, age, breed, and gender of your pet.

During Your Dog’s Examination

During your pet’s examination, we listen to their heartbeat and monitor their breathing. We will take time during the visit to inquire about any changes in their behavior or physical symptoms. If any recent changes have occurred, we will suggest tips to either appropriately correct their behavior or diagnose a possible ailment. If there is a health concern, we will discuss the next steps for follow-up exams. There are preventative actions you can take on your own, to help ensure your pet stays happy and healthy.

Preventative Tips

  1. Feed your dog high-quality pet food, in appropriate portions depending on the breed, size, and age.
  2. Periodically check your dog for parasites like ticks, worms, and fleas.
  3. Protect your dog from harmful diseases by regularly bringing in your furry friend for vaccinations and booster shots.

husky puppy receiving a vet exam

Puppy Examinations

Puppies will need more frequent exams than adults. During your puppy’s first few visits, we discuss needed vaccines (for common diseases such as distemper, adenovirus, parvovirus, parainfluenza, and rabies), the appropriate time to schedule a spaying or neutering procedure, and how to handle diet changes as your puppy matures. You can read more information and a more complete list detailing our puppy care services here.

During your puppy or young dog’s exam, your veterinarian will examine them for illness, appropriate growth rate, and address any questions or concerns you have regarding your furry friend’s health. Please ask our veterinarians questions about what you can do to prevent illness, monitor appropriate weight and growth, provide good dental care, correctly potty train, encourage good behavior, etc.Call to Schedule a Puppy Exam

adult golden retriever receiving a pet exam

Adult Dog Examinations

If you own an adult dog, you can bring them in for a checkup once a year. Schedule a routine examination to get dietary, dental, medication, and vaccine recommendations, as well as get answers to questions you may have about their health or behavior. As they approach the age of 7 or above, we recommend you start bringing them in twice annually for dog care and examinations, as older canines are much more prone to diseases like cancer, diabetes, joint or bone disease, liver disease, and heart disease. It is essential that we detect these diseases early on, before they advance and become more difficult to treat.

We will discuss what you can do as a pet owner to make the later years of their life as happy and comfortable as possible. In addition, our veterinarians will provide recommendations on diet and nutrition, weight, exercise, parasite control, vaccination, disease, and environmental considerations. If you notice changes in their behavior, please discuss this with your veterinarian.Call to Schedule a Dog Wellness Exam

Contact CountrySide Veterinary Services for Dog Examinations

Need to schedule a dog exam? Just give our clinic a call at (920) 968-3322 and our friendly staff will be happy to help you get your appointment set up. CountrySide Veterinary Services is equipped with a highly knowledgeable team of veterinarians and technicians, a state-of-the-art facility, and advanced technology to examine and treat your canine friend. Come meet our team today!

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