Dog Veterinary Services

Since 1981, the veterinarians at Countryside Veterinary Services have been providing the Fox Valley community with quality dog veterinary services. We provide care for adult dogs and puppies alike. Our team includes friendly and compassionate veterinarians, technicians, assistants, and receptionists. We are dedicated to the care and wellbeing of your dog.

During the first 16 weeks of your puppy's life, we recommend getting puppy veterinary checkups, vaccinations, and booster shots to protect them. The sooner they become acquainted with our veterinarians, the easier future visits will be for you and for them. We can also discuss the pros and cons of spaying or neutering your puppy and the appropriate age to do so.

Dog Veterinary Care

Dog Veterinary Care

Our compassionate staff is committed to excellent veterinary care. From physical examinations to vaccinations, our staff will answer any questions you may have about our services. Our team handles medical and surgical services alike. Below are some of the services we provide for our clients' pets:

Dog Health

Do you have any concerns about your dog's health? At CountrySide Veterinary Services, we encourage you to bring your dog in for yearly examinations. This helps to ensure your canine friend is happy, healthy, and enjoys a long life ahead of them.

During your pet's visit, we will examine your dog's health to prevent a potential disease from ailing your pet. We will check to ensure that their skin, fur, eyes, ears, nose, gums, teeth, and temperature all look healthy and that there are no signs of parasites or other health problems.

Dog Health

Be sure to watch for any potential signs of illness. Some of the signs that indicate your dog is experiencing an illness include:

  • Change in behavior
  • Noticeable pain or lethargy
  • Visible pain such as limping, or gnawing
  • Frequent coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, or urination
  • Reduced appetite
  • Excessive drinking

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If you notice any of these signs persist, be sure to reach out to our veterinary team as soon as possible. You can give us a call or fill out our online form. Contact CountrySide Veterinary Services at (920) 968-3322 with any questions or concerns you may have about your dog's health. Our state-of-the-art facility and advanced technology allow us to diagnose and treat your dog with careful attention to the care of your pet.

Dog Veterinarians in Appleton, WI

Our staff serves the Appleton, WI community and the greater Fox Valley area. The clinic's mission is to provide excellent veterinary, medical, and surgical services for all pets.

We have selected our veterinary team based upon their medical expertise, educational background, and level of experience. In addition, all our dog veterinarians personally own pets and have a compassionate vision for animal care. Call us at (920) 968-3322 and one of our friendly receptionists will be happy to get your pet scheduled in.

Jack Russell Terrier

Our clinic has expanded into two locations, our main location, CountrySide Veterinary Services, and our wellness location, CountrySide Veterinary Wellness, dedicated to the wellness of dogs in the Fox Valley area.

From hounds to terriers, our veterinary team is here to ensure your canine friend is happy and healthy. So whether you are the parent of a Great Dane or a Chihuahua, our friendly dog veterinarians are looking forward to meeting you!

About CountrySide Veterinary Services

Founded in 1981, CountrySide has been putting animals first. Our team is comprised of a large staff of over ten veterinarians, certified veterinary technicians, assistants, and receptionists. CountrySide Veterinary Services' mission is to provide high quality and progressive medicinal and surgical services promptly and professionally. Our friendly experts are here to promote the human-animal bond between you and your canine friend.

Countryside Veterinarians

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At CountrySide Veterinary Service, our team of veterinarians, technicians, assistants and receptionists are committed to ensuring you and your pet will be treated professionally and with compassion and care. After all, we too are pet owners and understand the deep human-animal bond you have with your best friend. Throughout your pet's stay with us you will be kept up-to-date on your pet's status, diagnosis and treatment. We promise to care for your pet as we would care for our own!

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